Game bird food & equipment

Information and links to suppliers of game bird food and specialist game bird rearing equipment and services.

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Go4grassseeds supply game cover, winter holding and catch crops approved for use in many of the Environmental Schemes. A rearing pen mix is also available to buy online.

Products include Broilact which protects pheasant chicks against undesirable bacteria and Rotaproof for gamebirds which replaces lost electrolytes caused through diarrhoea.

Gamekeepa Feeds


Online shop selling a wide range of game farming equipment and accessories including game feeders and drinkers, vermin control traps and baits, electric fencers and pen netting.

Cropwise Ltd


Cropwise supply an extensive range of game cover crops and mixtures together with nesting and rearing mixtures.

Solway Feeders


Gamekeeping and small holder supplies and equipment including feeders, hoppers, drinkers, traps, brooders and game cover crops. All products available to buy online.



Gamekeep is made from 100% natural ingredients, this totally natural game feed additive keeps pheasants at feeders and coming back for more.

Country Keeper Ltd


Nationwide suppliers and mail order specialists of game and poultry rearing equipment, pest control equipment, game cover seeds and country clothing and footwear.

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