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Links to a range of web sites specific to the manufacture and supply of shotgun cartridges and ammunition within the UK.

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Eley Hawk

West Midlands

With a history and pedigree dating back to 1828, Eley shotgun ammunition has earned a worldwide reputation for reliability, consistency and above all unequalled quality.

Hull Cartridge Company

East Yorkshire

Hull Cartridge produce reliable cartridges for competition and game shooting which offer excellent performance, superb consistency, superb ballistics and good value.

Gamebore manufacture and supply a range of game, wildfowling, field and competition shotgun cartridges using the latest, technically advanced loading and testing equipment.

Lyalvale Express


Lyalvale Express manufacture shotgun cartridges and ammunition for both game and competition shooting. The only British cartridge manufacturer to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

Caledonian Cartridges produce top-quality game, clay and competition cartridges which are manufactured and loaded using the highest quality components.

Just Cartridges


Just Cartridges are a specialist supplier of shotgun cartridges including game and clay shooting cartridges in all bore sizes from 9mm garden gun through 28, 16 up to 12 gauge.

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